The Gamma Propulsion System (TGPS)
A Quantum Leap Forward in Water Propulsion

Reduce Energy Consumption by over 35%
Reduce Emissions by over 35%
No Reduction In Thrust

  • Certified Tank Test data confirms TGPS to be at least 4 times more efficient
  • Capable of manoeuvring a displacement vessel in all directions – forward, aft, sideways, spin in its own length and crab – using its power range right up to full thrust
  • Purpose designed as the main method of propulsion for freighters, bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships

Data collected from controlled testing, and certified by Lloyd's Register, clearly demonstrates that TGPS delivers significant thrust with previously unthinkable efficiency


The Gamma Propulsion System is
a quantum leap in how to convert power to thrust.

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Case Study

Data collected by Lloyd’s Register demonstrates a significant increase in thrust with previously unthinkable efficiency.

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For a ship originally propelled by a 3,000 HP power unit the same performance will now be achievable using 600 to 750 HP.

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The team disregarded all previous technology and set about focusing on the most efficient and effective way to produce thrust.

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