The management company of The Gamma Propulsion System has a memorandum of understanding as ‘Supplier of Choice’ for the up-coming world’s largest single ownership flood irrigation farm.


Approximately 39%, of all the fresh water used in the United States goes to irrigate crops. If you consider that the majority of irrigation occurs in the western U.S., where water is relatively scarce; you can see how important it is for farmers to find the most efficient methods of moving their irrigation water.


Extrapolating the test results from the Lloyd’s Register verification certificate, operating as a transfer pump, TGPS displacement pump can achieve exceptional rates:

  • 18kW/cumec.
  • 4.8 ML/kW/day.

With these delivery rates/kW this pump system is significantly ahead of conventional pumping for general flood irrigation purposes, as well as de-watering on a mining site.

Presently, the management company is participating in the up-coming world’s largest single ownership flood irrigation farm. This project, a rice farm along the Mekong River in Cambodia, is 2,000 sq km in size and will need to pump many multiples of 500 ML/day up into turkey nest dams for flood reticulation through the entire farm. By using TGPS each of these 500 ML pumps can be powered with only a 150 kW diesel electric power module.