The Gamma propulsion System will save the shipping industry over 35% of its current fuel usage and, consequently, over 35% of the pollution it causes through emissions.

Case Study

A group of engineers have developed a completely new method of propelling a displacement vessel while using significantly less energy than that consumed by the old unshrouded propeller, yet maintaining the same performance.

This system, The Gamma Propulsion System (TGPS), is easy to build and very easy to retro fit to existing ships. It comprises a series of diesel electric units, strategically located COMPLETELY INBOARD down both sides of the vessel – typically in the cargo hold on retro fit ships – with each unit occupying only around 8 cubic metres.

Note: A 6 unit retro fit would require the allocation of space taken up by 2 x 20ft containers.

The units have very high utility for shoal draft boats or ships.

When strategically positioned as mentioned, a ship is capable of manoeuvring in all directions – forward, aft, sideways, spin in its own length and crab – using its power range right up to full thrust. This strategic placement of the units also achieves built-in redundancy for the unlikely event of an electric motor failure. In such an event, a motor can be easily and inexpensively replaced, even en-route.

Apart from inner workings of the TGPS, the motors, the few bearings and seals are all ‘off the shelf’ items.

Routine servicing is also inexpensive and simple to perform, as everything is located COMPLETELY INBOARD.

A scalable version of this system has been tank tested, and Lloyd’s Register have Certified the results and performance to match the developer’s specifications.

(5.5 kW 50Hz Motor, 6.41 Ratio Gearbox)
Hz 45 50 55 60
Motor RPM 2647 2940 3215 3480
Pump RPM 413 459 502 543
% of Rated Power Used
49 59 71 85.5
kW used 2.7 3.25 3.91 4.70
HP used 3.61 4.35 5.23 6.30
Water Speed kph 27.1 29.9 33.0 36.0
Water Speed M/sec 7.53 8.31 9.17 10.0
Mass kg/ sec 113.4 125.2 138.1 150.7
Thrust in Newtons. M*V 854 1040 1267 1507
Thrust kgs. /9.8 87 106 129 154
Thrust Ratio, kg/HP 24.13 24.40 24.69 24.39

The developers claim that The Gamma Propulsion System will, for example, replace an existing 4,000 HP main engine with a MAXIMUM 1,000 HP TGPS and still maintain the same thrust.

The Lloyd’s Register Certified TGPS can save the shipping industry over 35% of its current fuel usage and, consequently, over 35% of the pollution it causes through emissions while still maintaining current schedules.

The TGPS developers are in the process of arranging a demonstration ship of about 80 metres LOA with their propulsion system. This will offer ship owners a hands-on opportunity to see just how effective and efficient this propulsion system is.

To find out more on how your company can participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity contact us.