The Gamma Circulation System delivers greater efficiency and dramatically reduced running costs


In 2006 there were more than 1,000 water parks in North America. Approximately 78 million people visited them over the summer.

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Water Theme Parks

The engineering team that developed The Gamma Propulsion System worked with the technical staff at the Wet-n-Wild water theme park on Australia’s Gold Coast in order to develop a more efficient circulating pump for their Calypso Beach water ride.

The production prototype, as confirmed by the Lloyd’s Register Certificate, tested as follows:

Hz 38.35
Motor RPM 2260
Pump RPM 353
% of Rated Power Used 37
kW used 2.04
HP used 2.73
Water Speed kph 23.2
Water Speed M/sec 6.44
Mass or litres / sec 97.1

Note: that at 38Hz the motor is 14% less efficient than at 50Hz. Therefore, with the correct gearbox (as fitted in the production prototype as photographed) to allow the motor to run at 50Hz the system is expected to only consume 1.75kW for 97.1 litres/sec.  

Each one of four original pumps in this water ride delivers 87 litres/sec for 22kW energy consumption. The Gamma Circulation Pump (TGCP) over-delivered at 97 litres/sec (i.e. a 12% increase in performance) but only used 2.04 kW.

It was noted that the existing delivery pipework in this Wet-n-Wild ride was most inefficient and needed replacing with a more straight-through arrangement.  We estimate this existing pipework is consuming some 45% (about 10 kW) of the energy used, thereby giving TGCP credit for a net 5.8 times greater efficiency.

TGCP systems can be retro fitted to water theme parks to deliver a massive reduction in electricity usage in these times of spiralling energy costs.

Note: Installation instructions regarding inlet and outlet pipe sizes must be followed to achieve these fantastic results. All of our water theme park pumps are made completely of stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection in the harsh chlorine-rich environment.